Beyonce Energy Egypt

The company is engaged in the production of bio-fuel and biodiesel. The company produces seedlings of biodiesel and biofuel plants as well as produces seedlings of bio-fuel plants and biodiesel (Jatropha and Jojoba). The company also produces seedlings of bologna and other tree trees

The company is expanding horizontally and vertically in the production of biodiesel and establishing farms for production in desert areas. The company also sells biodiesel seedlings, technical support and contracting production

The company, in cooperation with the success partners, Beta International Oman in Oman and the company Aid Scoop Panama, Panama, markets primary biofuel products globally.

The company plans to grow 1 million feddans of Jatropha and the company has an integrated work team in the production of seedlings in the company's nurseries and in the cultivation and establishment of new farms where the company is engaged in the production of seedlings of selected mothers with high quality qualities and production and high tolerances of salinity both salinity of the earth or salinity of water and environmental conditions Difficult, we can cultivate our breeds of seedlings selected in the conditions of the land full of stones and stones and under the conditions of heights and decreases in soil and under the conditions of salinity of the earth and water

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